Status Quo

We started this blog to gather ideas for a personalized TV-system based on the Raspberry PI. We drifted a little away from this idea, but we are still interested to build a stand-alone system to deliver personalized TV recommendations. Maybe as a web service that returns some nice JSON data with the recommendations of the day, or in combination with an app as a front-end to some VDR or smart TV device.

As a proof of concept, we implemented a working python prototype with a nice NoSQL back-end and a minimal graphical UI to play with the data and the algorithms. However, this is nothing we plan to release since the focus is clearly on providing a service for personalized recommendations and not to provide a full-fledged GUI version. We expect that most users would use such a service in combination with a smart TV or some other VDR service or streaming and not on a desktop machine. In other words, the service would just be an interface for some front-end to help users to manage their daily TV life.

We are not ready yet to think about hosting and stuff like that but we would not mind to exchange some ideas with like-minded people. But since we do not advertise the blog a lot, we expect that this will take its time.


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