More News on DVB-S2

With the test on a Raspberry, with a clean image, we performed recently, we had the chance to see if the problems with DVB-S2 have been gone. The good news is, the update of the firmware did not break anything and with all the new patches the general situation improved a lot. However, we have still some trouble with the reception of raw DVB-S2 data.

In contrast to the older kernel version we now receive usable frames but there are a lot of picture artifacts. For our test, we recorded a DVB-S2 stream to disk and used available media players for playback. The result was always the same: The data is faulty. When we repeat the test with a DVB-S2 stream that we recorded on a different machine, the output is free of errors. As a next step, we need to test the reception with a different DVB-S2 device to rule out that the problem is somehow related to the kernel driver.

But there are also good news, because the newest version of the prototype is now able to playback MPEG2 and H.264 media data. Either via a DVB-* device or from files on disk.


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