How to Setup the Prototype


We are pretty close to release a first snapshot of the prototype. The required steps for a working setup are straightforward, but to avoid any kind of problems, we will provide a short step-by-step list how to do it. For that reason we started with a fresh sd-card on which we copied the newest Raspberry image (2012-09-18) to make sure that we don’t forget any steps.

Tthe procedure also works with a device that is already configured. The only requirement in all cases is that a MPEG2 license for decoding is available!


At first, we need to install all required packages:
$ apt-get install dvb-apps libmpg123-dev

If your DVB-* device needs some extra firmware files to work, you should copy the relevant files to the folder /lib/firmware.

Then, it is necessary to build the ilclient library (as root) that is available in the hello_pi source folder.
$ cd /opt/vc/src/hello_pi; sh

Please note that the procedure may take some time, but it only has to be done once. Our prototype already uses the proper path names, so there is no need to copy the libraries to a different folder.

Next, you can switch to the raberrytv folder and build the binary:
$ make clean; make all
If everything worked, you should see a new file ‘raberrytv’ in the folder.

Watching TV

Depending on your DVB-* device, you need an existing channels.conf file that contains the information about all the channels you want to watch. The file should be located in the etc folder: /etc/channels.conf

All you need to do then is to start the program with the channel name you want to watch:
$ ./rabberytv -out omx ProSieben

The name of the channel has to match the name from the channels.conf file. A couple of seconds later you should see some moving pictures. Please note that the audio output is by default passed to the analog output.


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