Some Problems with DVB-S2

We recently finished to clean-up the code for our prototype. The main goal was to assure to be lip-sync for the A/V data and to get rid of lengthy code parts that were derived from very generic and somewhat older MPEG code. The additional tests we made revealed some minor problems, but all of them could be corrected very easily. That were the good news.

After we finished our DVB-S tests, we recorded some DVB-S2 streams with the device that we intended to use for further tests. We did this by using gnutv. However, the recorded streams could not be displayed on any platform. Since the DVB-S2 device is working perfectly on other platforms, we assume that this is an issue with the available kernel on the Rasbperry. For that reason, we will delay further HD tests until we upgraded the device to the latest image and kernel version.

In the meantime, we continue our work on the first public release of Raberry TV.


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