A Simple MPEG Player

During our tests we developed a simple program to check the decoding of off-line MPEG-TS files that we previously recorded and stored on disk. This little application can be used to playback any media file, in the TS format of course, as long as you provide one PID for audio and one for video.

With very little efforts, this demo can be converted into a full media player. We have no plans to do this, but the possibility to playback recorded movies is an essential function for the media solution that we have in mind. Since the demo shares the same code as our gnutv extension, no duplication of code is needed and the improvement of one part will improve the other parts.

The advantage of this player is that it does not have any external dependencies except for OpenMAX itself and some system libraries. This makes is very easy to compile the player directly on the device or to adjust it to your needs. However, it should be noted that this player only supports plain MPEG-2 data (ES, TS, PS) and that it does not allow to playback DVDs or other media formats in general.

As soon as we adjusted the demo to extract the video/audio automatically we will work on a first public release. But before we can do this, we need to check that all licenses are compatible.


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