Other DVB-S cards

Today we tested our approach with another USB DVB-S device, the Technotrend S-2400. The device was recognized out-of-the box, after the correct firmware was installed of course, and there were no problems to play MPEG streams with omxplayer.

As noted in the introduction, DVB solutions based on MPEG 2 require that the Raspberry was extended with hardware support for decoding MPEG 2. This can be done by ordering a personal license in the Raspberry store. This step is not required if the DVB encoding is H.264 or to watch high resolution TV. For an brief overview about the project details, please visit the introduction.

Until now, we tested two different USB DVB-S devices and we did not encounter any problems yet. This makes us believe that all USB DVB-S devices, which work on traditional x86_64 Linux systems, should also work on the Raspberry. However, since we do not have the chance to test all supported USB devices, we would be very glad for feedback on other cards.


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